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Conservation of the Cloud Forests in Costa Rica Featured

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Location:  Santa Elena, Costa Rica
Type of Assignment:  Conservation and sustainability
Project Duration:  Minimum 2 weeks
Activities:  Reforestation, general maintenance of the reserve, and support with data collection of wildlife.


The Organization

How is the project involved with the community?

The organization's main project combines conservation of rainforests, eco-tourism initiatives and environmental education. The project is an example of conservation of a protected area that is well managed by a the local community with their inhabitants directly benefiting form it.

Background to the project and its aims?

The organization is responsible for an area of 310 hectares with a great biodiversity of species and a source of many streams and rivers. Local communities are surrounded by natural preserves among a mosaic of protected neighboring areas: the Children's Eternal Rainforest, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the Arenal National Park. Together, these constitute a contiguous conservation area of approximately 28,000 hectares of forest, where populations of various endangered animals, such as the tapir, jaguar and quetzal have been revived. For all these reasons, last year the Reserve received approximately 20,000 visitors.


Thanks to the help of national and international volunteers, people from the community, and students, the Reserve has developed a good infrastructure of trails, a visitors' center, a store and a small restaurant. Many volunteers with technical and professional experience also help with environmental education and sustainable-development projects.

What are the daily volunteer activities in the project?

  • Development of essential infrastructure of the Reserve, such as keeping of trails and visitors' center.
  • Provide support and assistance to environmental education, reforestation and other sustainable development efforts of the Reserve.
  • To share time and experiences with your co-workers and family, all locals from Monteverde.

Program Details

Quick facts about the trip:

Project duration:  Minimum 2 weeks
Project Location:  Monteverde, Costa Rica
Airport of arrival:  San Jose (SJO)
Activities:  Reforestation, general maintenance of the reserve, and support with data collection of wildlife.
Working hours: Mondays to Fridays, from 9am to 4pm.
Requirements:  Volunteers should be in good physical condition as they will engage in activities such as trail building and maintenance.

What's included:

Accommodation:  The accommodation takes place with a local family, who also provides the meals. All houses offer hot water and laundry service. Some houses offer internet/wifi service. For those houses that do not offer this service, internet cafes are available in town. 
Meals:  3 meals per day, 7 days a week. The typical Costa Rican diet includes rice, beans, plantains, a salad or picadillo (a stir fried mix of local vegetables), and some choice of meat (beef, chicken or pork).
Airport pickup: Yes, plus transfer to accommodation in San Jose.
Pre-departure Orientation and Onsite Training::  Volunteers receive a comprehensive workshop on being a volunteer in the project, safety and security in the destination country, culture shock, and pre-departure preparations.
Support::  24/7 during your volunteering time.

What's not included:

Flights, visas, insurance, local transfers.


Program Duration Cost (USD)
2 week 625.00
3 weeks 713.00
4 weeks 800.00
6 weeks 1,117.00
8 weeks 1,299.00
10 weeks 1,584.00
12 weeks 1,766.00
16 weeks 2,234.00
20 weeks 2,598.00

All Registration Fees are included in the prices above.