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Your Donations Are Making A Difference In Nepal - Thank You Featured

  • Posted on:  Wednesday, 13 May 2015 09:21
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Your Donations Are Making A Difference In Nepal - Thank You Photos: Surya Priyar

Surya, our Nepalese partner, stands in front of a home in the village of Halete. Not one of the 55 homes that existed before the earthquake stands today.

destroyed home nepal earthquakeNepal got rocked again. This time by a 7.3 earthquake. According to Aljazeera, at least 66 people have been killed. More than 300,000 homes were completely destroyed, or made to dangerous to live in.  What little shelter there was, has become even more infrequent. People fear being buried alive by rubble, and continue to sleep on the streets. The death toll has reached more than 8,200 people.  

nepal earthquake destruction

supply truck nepal earthquake

Another scary factor- monsoon season is just around the corner. With the rains starting in late may, landslides threaten to close the few roads that are open. Help might not be able to reach the rural secluded villages.  

Surya has been reaching out to those villagers. In Halete, his team passed out blankets, rice, onions and soap to every house hold.   

food for nepal earthquake survivors

Medicine was distributed where necessary. Over 80 people were injured from April 25th's earthquake.  

medicine for nepal earthquake survivors

Other food staples, lentils, oil, masala, salt and spices, were allocated. Food supplies are best provided by locals, who understand the dietary needs and traditions of the Nepali people. Donated canned food like tuna and mayonnaise often go to waste.

supplies for nepal earthquake survivors

Additional help is needed. Unless you have a medical or disaster-relief background, it is not necessary the time to volunteer in Nepal. You can help through additional monetary donations.  Learn about our campaign here.  With donated money, supplies, blankets, tents and medicine can be bought and distributed to those who need it most.

cow in nepal after earthquake

Yes, that is a cow in there.

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