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Why you should add this to your Bucket List Featured

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Image from youtube Image from youtube Go Pro video by Nana Trongratanawong

There's a lake in Indonesia on the island of Palau called Jellyfish Lake. You can swim there amongst millions of jellyfish without fear of the sting. Since they've evolved with few predators, they had no reason to produce any venom.

This is on many adventurers bucket list, especially those with the love of the water. There are rules, of course, one must follow while swimming here- like no hard kicks with the fins as not to hurt the jellyfish. Naturally, you don't want to kick start evolution’s process of equipping these jellyfish with a venomous self-defense. Watch for yourself what its like to swim in Jellyfish Lake for yourself.

So venture out, see the world and all its alien wonders. The coolest part is when you realize there is little reason for your fear. .

Check out our Marine Conservation Program in Phuket, Thailand if preserving unique marine life interests you.

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