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Watch a Homeless Dog Get a Makeover Featured

  • Posted on:  Monday, 24 November 2014 10:12
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Watch a Homeless Dog Get a Makeover The Pet Collective

With the holiday season just around the corner, thousands of people and families are about to add a four-legged addition to the family. With that in mind, its time to remember that millions of homeless dogs and cats would eagerly fill that position.

Dogs like Charlie fill shelters, many of which are required to euthanize their animals, to the brim. Think of this when on your journey of finding your new family member.

If for some reason owning a mutt doesn't agree with you, remember one in four animals at the shelter are purebreds. There are also countless pet adoption groups focused on specific breeds. The feeling of rescuing what will be your best friend is infinitely more grand than purchasing it from a dog breeder.

If you aren't planning on adopting an animal, there are plenty of other ways to help out. Ever thought about fostering an animals? What about volunteering at your local animal shelter? Or why not combine your love of traveling and dogs and cats? Programs like volunteering with dogs and cats in Thailand are seeking more volunteers to help ensure a better quality of life for homeless dogs and cats. Learn more here.