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Texaco Screws Over a Village Featured

  • Posted on:  Thursday, 15 May 2014 09:45
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Texaco did it again. They showed their colors, and they are the colors of d*bags. Well, actually the company's colors seem to be red and white, but the colors of the people who run that company are the colors of d*bags.

I'm not opposed to oil. Our world runs on it until we can mainstream using renewable resources. This would be faster if Texaco and Exxon weren't impeding the process of utilizing renewable resources in every possible way they can. And I wouldn't mind if these companies somehow demonstrated some sort of business ethics or personal accountability. But time and time again, they don't.

This photoessay shows how the local people in the Amazon, who have been poisoned and pillaged by Texaco, and are no longer waiting for Texaco's helping hands. Time and time again they have proven themselves as worthless no-shows.

Its inspiring, because it shows that the world is not filled with f***heads. It proves that people are not willing to sell each other out just so they can blissfully ride their yachts while bathing in Dom Perignon at the expense of others.

Check out these other NON-d*bags who are working toward bettering the world. These organizations are working towards the Conservation in the Amazon and Rescueing Amazon's Wildlife. Join whichever cause is closest to your heart, and give all the other d*bags a huge middle finger 'fuck you.'

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