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Jackie Chan's New Campaign for the Rhinos Featured

  • Posted on:  Wednesday, 12 March 2014 13:08
  • Written by 
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Jackie Chan's New Campaign for the Rhinos Image: Freeze frame from youtube

My love for Jackie Chan runs deep- so deep in fact that I named my pet cat in Thailand after him. He's funny, can kick some serious ass, does his own stunts and lets us continuously watch his blooper reel, and cares about the world. Jackie Chan has once again shown his bad-assery by teaming up with the African Wildlife Foundation to help stop the poaching of rhinos.

Rhinos have had the unfortunate luck of becoming coveted for their horns, which are suppose to bring magical healing powers to people in some Asian countries like Vietnam and China.

Watch Jackie Chan share his message about the plight of the rhino, the ivory trade, and superstitious beliefs. Take suit and create a conversation about issues that matter to you- be it for women's rights, conservation, or education. Its time to break the silence.

Lets finish this off with a photo of my less than agile and graceful Thai Jackie Chan.


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