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How Your Smartphone Can Save Wildlife Featured

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How Your Smartphone Can Save Wildlife Vida Mikalcius

Point. Shoot. Click.

It's as easy as that to become a citizen scientist of the world. We do it already with Instagram whenever we see some cool bug, animal, or flower. Why not just forward that same photo down to Project Noah?

Project Noah is an award-winning software platform connecting people to their natural world. By simply sending in photos of animals and plants, the Project Noah team helps identify and catalouge wildlife. They even will identify a species for you! The massive online data crowdsourcing app helps with research and enviromental awareness. You can browse their website to see what organisms are in your own community, in that place you long to travel, or anywhere else in the world.

So even if you can't travel to the Amazon to help conservation efforts, you can still assist in the conservation efforts of your hometown, without even breaking a sweat.

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