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How to Revive a Dead Bee Featured

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How to Revive a Dead Bee Vida Mikalcius

Let's get this clear- if the bee is dead, its dead.

However, many times honeybees, being those busy bee workers, exhaust themselves with the weight of the honey on their back and cannot make it back to the nest. They lie there comatose.

I found one in this state. Honestly, I thought it was dead and was about to sweep it up right before a lightbulb flashed above my head. Didn't I just read about how to revive bees? Why, yes. Yes, I did.

So I proceeded to attempt to turn my bee into a zom-bee:

1. Put a bit of organic sugar (do not use artificial sweetener) into a spoon and mix it with clean water.

2. Bring bee to a warm spot with the spoon. I placed my bee on the patio in the shade. The morning sun would soon slide its way over.

3. Drizzle a tiny pool of sugar water next to its mouth. Honestly, this was rather clumsy of me. I think I gave the poor be a sugar bath or possibly water-boarded it. I then placed the bee in the spoon. Way to much man-handling was committed.

4. Watch the bee come back to life. This process takes awhile. No one can just spring back up. Imagine running a marathon and then springing back up to take a jog. Not going to happen. That might be an unrealistic comparison to some. Let's just compare it to nursing a hangover.

5. You created a zom-bee!!!!!!

My bee did revive itself, hopefully without any broken wings.

If you want more tips on how to help the exhausted honey bees, check out this site.

If you want to learn how to keep bees, check out our Bee Farming Program in Ecuador.

Since its spring (here in Chicago for the time being), and the bees have come out to play, lets keep a bit of sugar water in a spoon handy for our honey makers.

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