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How to Choose Responsible Animal Projects While Traveling Featured

For many of us the joy in traveling includes seeing local wildlife in exotic locations. We dream of the giant tortoises of the Galapagos, traversing the African savannah on a safari, swimming in the Great Barrier, riding on a polar bear bus in the Arctic. Animal-related trips are gaining popularity exponentially.

With that so is further exploitation. Tourists should no longer trust travel providers at blind eye. They shouldn't just snap a photo with a bird or monkey on the street. Its time we start asking for transparency. Are these animals provider sufficient amount of food and water? How were these animals obtained? Check out this short write-up of guidelines on animal-friendly travel. It includes basic tips on what to look out for in order to promote animal-friendly travel.

Responsibility starts with us.

Check out our animal care and rescue programs, including volunteering with elephants and rescuing Amazon wildlife.

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