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7 Photos of Monkeys Monkeying Around Featured

  • Posted on:  Wednesday, 12 November 2014 19:19
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7 Photos of Monkeys Monkeying Around All photos by Vida Mikalcius

Volunteering at an Amazon Animal Rescue Center is bananas. (I am so not sorry for that line.)


But really- it is. You get to help take care and rehabilitate rescued Amazonian species. They've been rescued from the pet trade, from being spectacles at the local hotel entertaining tourists, from the homeowner who thought that having a wild animal in the house was a novelty, instead of a danger.


The monkeys are brought here by the state or surrendered by their owners. With the help of volunteers and staff, these animals are given a second chance at a higher quality of life. Unfortunately for them, many will never be released into the back into the wild. Their history with people has depleted their natural fear of humans, thus making them an easy target for further poaching and hunting.



These guys are the lucky few.


Disclaimer: This guy reminds me of how my mouth looks when I'm asleep. When I'm really tired, I might drool too.



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