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5 Snapshots from a Day in the Life of a Retired Elephant Featured

  • Posted on:  Wednesday, 28 May 2014 12:45
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5 Snapshots from a Day in the Life of a Retired Elephant Vida Mikalcius

When you volunteer with elephants you are assuring them a better quality of life. Responsible elephant projects, like the one here at The Volunteer Bay, take once working elephants and place them in retirement. Elephants are able to rummage through the jungle free of touting tourists on their backs and performing tricks. Tourists shouldn't fret, though; they will still have plenty of chance to interact and observe elephants in their natural environment. Here are 5 snapshots of retired elephants having fun. Check out our volunteering with elephants program and share some of your own.


1. We splash buckets of stream water onto the elephants. They love a nice cool down after a hot Thai day.


2. Two elephants play in the river often doing barrel rolls like a young kid do underwater somersaults.


3. The elephants feed on fresh banana stalks cut that morning. They tear of the leafy part with their trunks and crunch down the stalks with cracking force.


4. The banana trunks that are too big for the elephants to eat are first crushed down with their padded feet. Funny thing is that when an elephant walks through the jungle, you can't hear it. When an elephant crushes that banana trunk, the air fills with splitting roars.


5. Elephants are prone to sunburn. As natural protection, they throw mud and sand on themselves to prevent and help skin irritation.


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