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Why Pay to Volunteer?

Volunteering is certainly one of the cheapest options to travel abroad, however it doesn't mean that you will be living abroad for free. First of all think about all the expenses that you would be incurring in any trip abroad: plane tickets, visas, insurance, accommodation, food, local transportation and pocket money to spend on drinks, local attractions, etc.

Except for your pocket money, some programs will be willing to cover some of your expenses, but they will also have to budget in their operational expenses to keep the organization running. For example, if you're going to work with children at a day care in Phuket, the organization might take care of your accommodation, insurance and local transfers, but also consider an amount to cover for their supplies, staff and program coordinator salaries, marketing expenses, etc. Some programs like the bee farm in Ecuador, might include pick up service from the airport and insurance for accidents in the farm.

Don't make money keep you back from joining the volunteer program you like and mostly importantly, from a lifetime experience. Fundraise to pay for your volunteering travels. We wrote some practical fundraising ideas for you in our Support Center.


Where Does Your Money Go?

The chart below represents the approximate break down of a program fee paid by a volunteer, and how is distributed in one of our programs. Our placement fee allows us to continue spreading the word about the needs and initiatives of local grassroots organizations in need of volunteer work.

FeebreakdownOne important detail that you need to check for in your search for a volunteer program abroad is where your money goes. With our programs you can be certain that your money goes to the local grassroots organization carrying out the project which is then redistributed to the locals who provide goods or services to the organization. Knowing that your money is going where it’s needed can feel almost as good as volunteering itself.