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How to Choose the Jewelry To Travel With Featured

  • Posted on:  Monday, 08 December 2014 14:32
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Don't pack any of this. Don't pack any of this.

Jewelry. . . no matter how much I wish I don't want or need it, I still find myself wearing it.

So unless I'm heading deep into the Amazon or on a trek to the Himalayas, I'm bound to be wearing at least a pair of studs or a simple necklace.

So you have two choices, on how to travel with jewelry:

1. Travel sans jewelry.

    • This will prevent you from being a target to any would be mugger.
    • You will have more space in your suitcase to fill up with any cool new jewelry finds at the market.
    • You will be worry free.

2. Travel smart if you travel with jewelry.

    • Don't make yourself a target.
    • Don't put yourself in the position of losing your favorite piece of jewelry through the hussel and bussel of travel.
    • Make intelligent decisions on which jewelry to wear and how to store it.

Now check out the do's and don'ts of picking out your jewelry. I'm going to use myself as an example:

Currently, I'm packing for a move to Costa Rica. I'm not sure exactly where I will be, other than I'll be located in the country for an extended period of time working, volunteering, and writing. Here's a couple things about me and how I make my choices on what jewelry I will bring:

  • Low maintenance chick who loves fashion.
  • Loves acquiring unique pieces from local artisans. (Meaning, I know I will be on the look out for that one piece of jewelry I need to have.)
  • I only have one suitcase (50 lb. limit), my carry on (a backpack), and my purse (actually a camera bag), that I can bring with me. Must pack light.

So here are my own do's and don'ts on packing for a move (or trip):


Don't: your favorite ruby drop earnings. I found this vintage piece in my mom's collection. She bought it from some re-sale shop for pennies. They consist of 24k white gold, diamonds, and rubies. I was able to snake it from my mom, because she doesn't have her ears pierced. I've worn them to practically every fancy party, event, and wedding (including my own). I love them, but when I'm traveling, they sit on a suede cushion in a jewelry box in my storage unit (a.k.a.- my childhood bedroom or parent's basement).


Do: a pair of studs. I bought these in Bangkok. They are my go to day-to-day earnings. Even though they are 23 k gold, whose bright yellow color is typical of Thailand, they are unassuming enough to wear in basically every environment.



Don't: your David Yurman. This was a gift from my wonderful godmother. I love it, and wear it all the time in Chicago, but it is not coming with me to Costa Rica. (1) I would be really sad if something happened to it. (2) Wearing this can potentially make me a target. (3) The only valuable thing I want to take care of is my computer and camera.


Do: that lightweight bracelet with cool stones. Once again, I raided my mom's closet and stole this cool bracelet. I imagine she picked it up on one her trip to Turkey or Argentina, but it could have also been bought at TJ Maxx. Either way, its funky, lightweight, and durable enough not to break in my bag.



Don't: your engagement ring or anything with bling. I know you love it, but imagine how bad you or your partner will feel when it magically falls through the cracks. These five rings in the picture are my favorites. One is my engagement ring, the single diamond was my grandmother's, the pink and blue flower was a graduation gift, the pink diamond and emerald is a gift from my mom, and the other one is super funky. I'd be super sad if I lost any of these.


Do: those funky rings. Since I'm Lithuanian, I've basically inherited a chestful of amber. Every Lithuanian girl does. While its super expensive to buy here (and sometimes fake), its super cheap on the streets in Klaipeda. Another plus, wearing that huge natural amber rock on my finger isn't going to bring the wrong attention.



Amber gets its own special category for a specific reason: I am Lithuanian, and this is our stone. It is a permanent staple in my wardrobe.

Don't: the delicate piece made by an artist. This is perfect with a low-cut summer dress (which I will be wearing in Costa Rica), but is also way to delicate to bring with me. (1) Every piece hangs onto a thin wire prone to bending. (2) It has to be stored in tissue paper to prevent scratching, bending, and breaking. (3) I know it will never withstand travel.


Do: the hardy multi-colored piece. This is an easy-go-to travel necklace. (1) It doesn't draw attention to yourself. (2) You can shove it in your purse. (3) Its cute.



Don't: pearls or sentiment. These are my favorite strand(s) of pearls. They won't be coming with me. Neither will my favorite necklace, the blue snake choker, or my husband's gold necklace from birth his mom gave him that I love to wear. It would break my heart to lose any of these, especially the latter. I know it'll be safe in storage.



Do: Easy necklaces. Even though that Buddhist symbol, sits on a gold chain, it isn't real gold. The black and gold necklace is hardy and goes with everything. The other necklace, which was bought from a refugee from Myanmar whom I volunteered with in Thailand, is casual enough to wear while traveling. Its the type of jewelry I look out for on my travels.



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